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Appendix 4 Exclusions


This policy will adhere to the statutory guidance “Exclusion from maintained schools, academies and pupil referral units in England.” September 2017.

We believe that exclusion from school is a very serious matter and that it is a final step only to be taken if all other strategies have failed. A fixed term exclusion or a permanent exclusion will only be issued where a child has persistently broken the school rules and despite intervention and support their behaviour has not been modified, or where a one off severe incident has occurred. Any decision to exclude a pupil will be lawful, rational,

reasonable, fair and proportionate.


The Headteacher will ensure the school does not discriminate against pupils on the basis of protected characteristics such as disability or race, in accordance with the Equality Act.


The Headteacher and governing body will comply with statutory duties in relation to Special Educational Needs when administering the exclusion process, including having regard to the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice.


Where the school has concerns about the behaviour, or risk of exclusion, of a child with additional needs, a pupil with an EHC plan or a looked after pupil, it will, in partnership with the Local Authority, consider what additional support or alternative placement may be required.


If a child is excluded, the following will apply:


The incident / incidences will be thoroughly investigated by the Headteacher. A written record of all the stages of the investigation and any signed witness statements will be kept. As part of the investigation the head teacher will consider whether the disruptive behaviour is an indication of unmet needs.


Dependent on the time of day in which the investigation is completed, there will be either a telephone meeting or face-to-face meeting at which parents are informed about the following:

• The reason for the exclusion.

• The period of fixed term exclusion, or, for a permanent exclusion, the fact that it is permanent.

• Parent’s right to make representations about the exclusion to the governing body.

• How any representations should be made and where there is a legal requirement for the governing body to consider the exclusion, that parents have a right to attend a meeting, to be represented at that meeting (at their expense) and to bring a person of support.

• This information will be followed up in writing which the parent will receive as a letter.


St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School will ensure reasonable steps are taken to provide work and give feedback on this work whilst the pupil is on fixed term exclusion.


The Headteacher reserves the right to move straight to a permanent exclusion if the action of the pupil endangers the safeguarding of themselves, other pupils, school staff and property.


The Headteacher reserves the right to vary the length of an exclusion dependent upon the age or stage or a pupil in line with the related procedures.


The Headteacher reserves the right to vary the length of exclusion dependent on the severity or frequency of an offence.


Once the fixed term exclusion is completed, the pupil and their parent/s will be invited to attend a reintegration meeting with the Headteacher. This meeting will outline the support put in place to support the pupil in making the correct behaviour choices in the future.


The Chair of the Governing Body will be notified when the decision to issue fixed term exclusion is made.


Permanent exclusions:


A decision to permanently exclude a pupil will only be taken:


In response to a serious breach or persistent breaches of the school’s behaviour policy and:

Where allowing the pupil to remain in school would seriously harm the education or welfare of the pupil or others in the school.


This policy must be read alongside:

•         Child Protection,

•         Safeguarding Policy

•         Bullying and Child’s Anti-bullying Policy

•         Physical Intervention Policy

•         SEND Policy

•         KCSIE 2019

•         Whistle-blowing Policy

•         Acceptable Use Policy

•         Staff Code of Conduct


This Policy has been drawn up in the light of all policy documents that exist in the school with all staff, pupils, parents and governors.