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Ufton Court Blog - Year 5

Monday 16th September 2019

We arrived safely at Ufton Court this morning.  There was great excitement as the children caught their first glimpse of the long drive and grand house.  We were met by John, our Tudor guide, on the front lawn and, after a quick drink and biscuit break, began to explore the grounds and house.

John explained that we had been invited to the house as constables to investigate some strange goings-on and rumours about the religious beliefs of the Perkins family.  We began looking for clues which might indicate that they were secret Catholics and many of us were quickly promoted to high constable as we spotted key pieces of evidence.

After a hearty lunch of jacket potato, beans, cheese and salad followed by pancakes and syrup, we headed off to the walled garden to begin photomapping.  We needed to use a map to find the source of numbered photographs before answering a related question about Tudor life.  

Another quick snack break (swiss roll!) and we settled in the Long Room for a game of "Guess the Tudor Artefact".  Dinner was another hearty affair - sausage, peas and mash followed by toffee cake and squirty cream! 

Our evening activity was a much more serious session which involved exploring Tudor crime and punishment through role-playing a court room and deciding on suitable period punishments. 

We finished the day with a prayer circle - the children gave thanks for the wonderful opportunities they have experienced today - before settling into bed to a well-deserved sleep.  Wish us luck! 

Tuesday 17th September 2019

It was a peaceful night...but a very early morning.  Everyone was up, dressed and ready for a big breakfast and another day of adventures. 

We began with archery and weaving.  Archery was competitive and very exciting - there were many golds scored which caused huge cheers and celebrations.

During weaving we learnt how to make a basket from willow.  It was a fiddly and smelly task but the final products were impressive. 

The Banquet!

In the afternoon we learned to play Tudor games.  Some of our favourites were leap-frog, Nine Morris Men, hoop and stick and knuckle-bones.

After a quick juice and biscuit break we began to prepare for the banquet.  First we needed to acquaint ourselves with Tudor etiquette and learn some of the phrases needed to pay a compliment.  Then we began to dress in our costumes.  

Staying in role as Tudor lords and ladies we dined on chicken, bread, potatoes and corn - all using our fingers!  We drank ale and wine (which tasted suspiciously of apple jiuce) and finished the evening by learning how to dance like a Tudor.

Exhausted, we gathered for our final evening prayer circle and reflected on the many challenges we have faced - staying away from home, putting a duvet cover on a duvet (!), trying new foods, sharing a room with our friends... and the scripture stories which teach us about resilience.  

All is quiet in the manor house - we will sleep well this evening.

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