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Life to the Full Newsletters

September 2020


The ‘New Normal’

Going back to school after the summer holidays can feel like a very busy and often stressful time for many families. It’s a time of new beginnings: new classrooms, new teachers, new lessons, new schools, new uniform…the list goes on. But this year, school will feel even more different with a ‘new normal’ after the extended period of school closures. With new start times and new year group bubbles, there will be a lot of ‘new’ things for children and parents to get used to.

In September every year, we at Ten Ten take time to refocus on Jesus - the reason for doing what we do. Our resources for the start of term often invite children to consider Jesus’ invitation for them to follow Him through everything known and unknown that the year will bring. This seems more pertinent than ever this year, and so for this newsletter, we share with you an imaginative meditation that children will experience in the first week back of term.


Click to play the recorded meditation below, and then why not discuss it with your child.


In Sunday's Gospel, Jesus says: “If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him...take up his cross and follow me." Matthew 16: 24

Children heard how Jesus will help us every step of the way and help us to carry our 'cross'. We don't have to carry an actual cross but it's like the bag in the meditation -  we carry it on the path and when it gets too heavy, Jesus helps us.

Children learned that Jesus longs for us to follow Him, because He knows we will be happiest when we follow the path He lays out for us.

Space was made for children to consider the questions below, which you might like to discuss with them:

Will you follow Jesus this year? Will you let Him help you and guide you?




Dear Jesus,

We don’t know all that this year holds, but you do.

Help us with our schoolwork and our friendships.

Help us remember that you are with us in the good times and the bad.