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Little Canada 2022

Day One - Sunday 12th June 


12.6.22  (12.53 pm)  Year 6 have arrived at Little Canada.

Day One - Sunday 12th June


And we were off..... Year 6 left bright and sunny Andover this morning for the one of the many highlights of their school careers - Little Canada. Anticipation and excitement was in the air, as we eagerly travelled to our destination. The class arrived at the ferry and made great time! The crisp blue sea was a sight to behold! It was the perfect setting to enjoy a packed lunched, and an array of colourful snacks, whilst Mrs Fowles took them to explore the top deck; many noted the "freezing" wind that "messed up" their hair!


After the exhilaration of the ferry, we finally arrived at Little Canada! The children were assigned their cosy log cabins and began to settle in. However, it was time to explore and enjoy to the sunshine! First, we started with a tour of the camp. Then, we ventured to the beach, where we paddled in the water, hunted for Isle of Wight Bluestone and even tried to spot a crab! 


Back at camp, dinner was delicious! With several dinner options, chocolate dripped waffles for dessert and even a birthday cake, there were no complaints! But, our day was not just over yet! We had one final activity today - ambush! Here we explored the camp further and played Teachers vs Year 6 Hide and Seek. Guess who won? 


Come back tomorrow to find out more about our adventures...


Day Two - Monday 13th June

What a wonderful day it has been! Year 6 started the day with a humongous breakfast, fueling their energy  for a day bursting with activities! We divided into our groups to begin our day; Mr Orchard and Mrs Fowles' groups were the first to brave the big swing! You could hear the screams of excitement from across the camp! Barney managed to persuade Mrs Fowles onto the big swing too! 


Mrs Grant's group were the first to scale the climbing wall! Four courageous climbers even made it to the very top! Everyone was brave, however, all attempting the wall! Their group was also the first to try a very thrilling activity; trapeze! This was a true test of courage, which they happily accepted!


Did you know many of Year 6 are amazing archers? Angelo scored several bullseyes! 


We joined forces after our pizza lunchtime feast for a different kind of adventure... we walked back down to the beautiful beach, this time with a wetsuit on and paddle in tow, ready for kayaking! The water was warm and calm with the sun beaming down on to the waves. Everyone enjoyed splashing about and some even jumped in for a paddle! 


After a day bursting full of fun and an evening full of team activities, we were all ready for an early night! 


Come back tomorrow to find out about our photo challenge and much more...

Trapeze Quotes 


Trapeze was an exhilarating experience for us! Find out our thoughts below:


"It was terrifying but when you get to the top, you feel really proud."

- Crystal


"You could see everything whilst hanging from the bar. It was calming." 

- Ben


"The trapeze was really scary but I overcame my fear!"   

- Grace


"I jumped off a high place. I was scared at the beginning but when I did it, I had so much fun!"

- Damian

Day Two Gallery - Big Swing, Kayaking and More!

Day Three - Tuesday 14th June


With the sun high in the sky and barely a cloud in sight, we were ready for another action-packed day! Full of enthusiasm, we strolled over to the dining hall for an energising breakfast. Then, we were ready to meet our first challenge. 


This morning began with a very different type of activity... the photo challenge. In small teams, we were given a list of tasks we were to complete for different points, ranging from nature pictures to creating a video of our own songs. This was a time to let our creativity shine! Amelia and Maya used perspective to make a human bridge, whilst Damian's team re-enacted an Avengers' film to earn 150 points! 


What would you do if you were stranded on a desert island? What would you need to survive? Today, we found out! Shelter is one of the key ingredients to surviving in the wilderness! Thus, we worked in teams to build our own shelter, with very few resources! What would you include in your shelter? We thought a fire was a much needed requirement. Luckily for us, learning how to start a fire was a part of our survivor training! We used flint and steel to create a spark to make a miniature fire! 


Today was also another day to explore up high! Two groups tackled the climbing wall, scaling the wall with both agility and speed. Mr Orchard's group enjoyed the trapeze, leaping in the sky, whilst Mrs Fowles' group were the first to venture to the vertical challenge, consisting of ladders, tyres and netting. 


Back on the ground, Mrs Grant's group proved they are capable navigators during our orienteering challenge. They used their maps to explore the park and retrieve their stamps in small teams. 


After such a busy day, and a well deserved dinner, we ended the day on something we had all been waiting for - our class campfire. We sang songs, listened to stories, and best of all, roasted marshmallows! 

No wonder we were ready for bed!


We hope you enjoy our pictures below and we shall see you tomorrow!

Day Three Gallery - Survival Skills, Campfire Sing Songs and Marshmallow Toasting!

These are few of our favourite things....


"My favourite activity was probably the Giant Swing; it was really fun! I liked it when we had to pull the rope for the others to get up." 

- Sofia 


"My favourite activity was the trapeze because it was fun and I wanted to give it a second try, because the first time I did not feel confident. On the second time, I nailed it - I liked it!" 

- Abimbola 


"My favourite thing was a Giant Swing because it was quite nerve racking at first and I held onto Abimbola like she was my bag! But when you pulled the black swing and heard the click, the swing moved and it felt amazing." 

- Janelle 

Day Four - Our Final Day - Wednesday 15th June


On our final day of adventures, we were blessed once again with beautiful weather. After a hearty breakfast together, we divided into our groups for the final time. 

Mrs Grant's groups spent the morning exploring the skies! The group started with the Vertical Challenge, which is as challenging as it sounds! However, you would not have thought this if you had seen our class! With bravery and determination they faced each obstacle and more impressively, cheered each other on and supported each other from the ground. We then went on to Little Canada's key landmark - the Giant Swing! You could hear our screams from the beach! However, this was a fantastic experience, and one that we will love to tell you about!


Mr Orchard and Mrs Fowles' groups joined forces this morning to complete orienteering. They spilt into small teams to explore the park and find stamps to complete the challenge. A map reading skills are now top notch! They then joined Mrs Grant's group in the sky via Vertical Challenge and Trapeze! Damian's expert climbing skills were shown as he reached the very top, whilst Martin soared through the air and caught the trapeze on several occasions!


It was a brilliant end to a fantastic trip! 

Day Four Gallery - Our Final Day!

We are proud of....


"Everyone's bravery. Not everyone was confident when getting on the swing but they came off with a smile!" 

- Ben


" I reached the top of climbing and the vertical challenge!"

- Angel


"The Giant Swing and going to the max!"

- Shauna