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HSG Mark May Launch

Hampshire School Games #DailyChallenge have a sport specific theme for May. There are 10 different sports involved as part of Sports Mark May. The top primar...

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Hampshire School Games Daily Challenge


This is a Personal Best Challenge where students, teachers and anyone else keep themselves active and score their results.

Each week new challenges are set and any students participating needs to ‘do” the challenge, ‘score’ the challenge, ‘practice’ the challenge over the week and ‘finish’ the challenge by taking a second score and submitting their results.


If it’s not a competition then ‘why record results?’ We all respond to targets, and by submitting the scores it will keep the students engaged, hopefully giving them the motivation to keep on trying… there are daily and weekly rewards available…..but only to those that have submitted scores as they are the students we know are taking part.


On the link below there is a ‘How to submit scores’ document detailing how you can submit your scores.


The rewards are not based on results but on participation rates and commitment. Each school will also get points for every child that takes part and…….points mean prizes… let’s get our children active and support our schools!



  • Daily – 2 children from will be chosen per day for participating, and they will receive a certificate the following week
  • Weekly – the school with the highest participation rates (compared to the number of students in that school) will be chosen from each SGO area and they will receive a certificate the following week
  • Weekly – the school with the highest participation rate in the whole county will also receive a certificate the following week.



Now whilst we are unable to deliver the awards at the moment, once the Daily Challenges are over, winners of the weekly rewards will also receive an award.


I hope you and your family/school teachers enjoy getting involved.

Recording of Results


Submitting the scores for the #HSGDailyChallenge has now been made easier. Simply download the score sheets each week, fill them in and send them to your School Games Organiser (SGO).


Your SGO area is Test Valley and  Holly Shirley is your SGO.


Most of you will receive the challenges from your school on a weekly basis, but if not they can be found via the following link:


If you do not have access to a printer then make a note of the challenges and record your the scores on a scrap piece of paper.


You will then need to send your scores via email to or you can take a photo and send it via email or Facebook Messenger to @TestValley SchoolGames.


We need to know the first name of the participant(s), the year group, their school, and their score. This data will be stored in lines with the GDPR regulations; it will be used to issues certificates and to collate the total number of participants engaging in #HSGDailyChallenge.