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Weekly Prayer

Do It Again | Official Lyric Video | Elevation Worship

Worship Music for week beginning 23rd March 2020

Eyes to See


This is what we know about Lent so far…

  • We can trust in God and His word, the Bible, when we’re being tempted.
  • We know that Jesus is the Son of God and with His help we can surrender to Him.
  • Our souls get thirsty and we need to receive the living water of the Holy Spirit.


This week, we will be looking at how someone came to believe in Jesus, how Jesus gave Him sight and how Jesus also helps us to see in a new way.

Sometimes we don’t seem to be able to see and understand things, but then a little thing changes and suddenly everything becomes clear and we can see. Just because we can see things with our eyes doesn’t mean we know what they mean. Sometimes we use the word ‘see’ to mean ‘understand’.

Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

A Reading from the Gospel of John (John 9 - 1-41)
Glory to you O Lord

Jesus was trying to show people who He really was. He told people and He showed people.

The blind man was happy to see Jesus for who He was.
But the religious leaders were so busy thinking about themselves that they didn’t see Jesus for who He was. It’s as if they were blind!
- They didn’t see how amazing Jesus was, or even who He was - the Son of God.
- They didn’t trust Jesus, they didn’t surrender to Him, they didn’t believe in Him and they didn’t receive any understanding or insight about who Jesus was.
The blind man trusted Jesus, risked everything for Him, believed in Him and received His sight.


We too can trust in Jesus: we can give (or surrender) ourselves to Him, we can believe in Him and we can receive a better way of looking at things.
We can see Jesus as He truly is and believe in Him - our friend and our God.

Let us pray...


Jesus, you love each and every one of us.
Lord, I believe.

You help us see things as they truly are, healing our blindness.
Lord, I believe.

When we are confused or struggling to understand others, we can turn to you.
Lord, I believe.

You open our eyes to see you for who you are; the Son of God.
Lord, I believe.