St John The Baptist Catholic Primary School "Together, through our words and actions, our work and play,We point towards Christ, each and every day"

Ufton Court 2023

Day 1 - Wednesday 20th September

We arrived at Ufton Court safely and despite the pouring rain, had an excellent first day!  


After a snack and a quick refresh after the coach trip here, we were quickly set to work as Constables, working for the local Justice of the Peace to investigate the mysterious goings-on around the manor. We started to find suspicious evidence suggesting that all was not as it seems… With a secret entryway, an ice house, and ten ponds, our detective skills were put to the test. We had our lunch and then set off to find out more… 


We explored the house in more detail, working in small teams to find new locations and become familiar with the setting. Was the fireplace in the library a clue? Did the shell in the Great Hall represent Jesus’ baptism? We began to ask all of the right sorts of questions!  


It was time to explore Tudor life a bit more deeply, so after finding our bedrooms and making our beds (parents, we can do this!), we played an array of games including skipping, knucklebones, and tic-tac-toe. We particularly liked the balancing game, where you had to balance a stick on one finger – this took a lot of practice! 


Dinner was followed by huge chocolate brownies, as detective work is hungry work! We had spent the day learning how to detect crime so now we had to find out what happened in a real Tudor Court. Unlike the Tudors, Romy was a very impartial judge and refused to be bribed by the Lords and Ladies of the court. Kuba, our compassionate priest, supported her judgments with empathy shown to all. However, our jury was determined to ensure that everyone was punished for their crimes! Both defendants and victims were called to the stand (or brought by our fierce guards, Zachary and Sophie-Anne) to ensure both sides of the story were heard. Witnesses were even called upon to ensure a fair trial, very unlike Tudor times! We convicted criminals for gossip, theft, and witchcraft and even tried Mr. Orchard for treason!  


After a wonderful day together, it was time to rest up as tomorrow our investigation continues.  


Day 2 - Thursday 21st September

The first night went really well!  Everyone had a good night's sleep - including the teachers!  Up early, dressed, and waiting for breakfast, the children were dancing to music and playing card games, full of energy and ready for the day ahead.

The sun is now back just in time for a day full of archery, exploring Tudor artefacts, fire-lighting, making wattle and daub, and tonight's highlight - the Tudor Banquet.