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NSPCC Speak Out, Stay Safe 2020

Ensuring children are safe is very important and as a school we take our responsibility for safeguarding seriously.


Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs C Whatley, headteacher


Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead:

  • Mrs A Fowles, Deputy Headteacher
  • Mrs A Eggington, Head of KS1 & SENCO (Maternity Leave)
  • Mrs S Pearson, Acting Head of KS1


Safeguarding Governor:  Mrs J Kelly, Chair of Governors


The role of the Safeguarding Lead is to ensure that all children are safe from harm and that the school carries out its statutory safeguarding responsibilities. If a parent has any concern, they should contact Mrs Whatley in the first instance.

In the absence of Mrs Whatley all safeguarding concerns should be reported to Mrs Fowles or Mrs Eggington.

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