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How will the curriculum be matches to my child's needs?

How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?


At St John’s, it is our duty as a Catholic school to recognise that all of our children are unique and should be treated equally. They have a divine origin and an eternal destiny. Our faith and our mission demand living out the Gospel values of equality, honesty, support and co-operation with each other.


All have access to the curriculum however, we understand that for some children, certain adjustments and extra support is required if they are to do this.


Learning is planned with your child at the centre following a series of assessments so that the learning is aimed at an appropriate level with the correct amount of challenge. (Assess, Plan, Do, Review)


We have available a range of additional support we can utilise to best support your child and their needs. These include:

  • NESSY reading and spelling - a different approach to teaching dyslexic children. Through spelling games and phonics play it helps rebuild lost confidence.
  • Precision Teaching – a personalised programme for those pupils who are struggling with specific areas of spelling, reading words or sounds, times tables or number bonds.
  • Inference Training – a highly effective reading programme used to build children’s understanding of inference.
  • Black Sheep - assists the development of children's speech and language.
  • Beat Dyslexia – a multi-sensory literacy programme.
  • On Track Maths – a targeted approach to mathematics intervention and identifying gaps.
  • Speed Up – a programme to support children whose handwriting is slow, illegible or lacking in fluency.
  • Clever bodies/hands – an Occupational Therapy programme to improve motor skills and coordination.
  • Social stories – helping children to understand different social situations and learn how to deal with them in positive ways.
  • Toe by Toe – a carefully structured, diagnostic system for the teaching of reading