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Teach your child to pray

Teaching your child how to pray


Prayer is communication.
It can be spoken or silent. It can be a song or a story. It can be a picture or a dance.


Prayer can be done as often as you like.
Every week. Every day. Every hour.


Prayer can be done however you want.
There’s no right or wrong way to pray.


Prayer can be shared, but doesn’t have to be.
It can be done alone or with a favourite toy. It can be done with friends, family, or pets.


Prayer can be done anywhere.
It can be done in your room or at the kitchen table. It can be done out in the playground, at the park, or even at the zoo.


Prayer can be done in any mood.
You can be happy, sad, angry, scared, or confused when you pray.


Prayer can be for yourself or someone else.
If you know someone who could use a little help — add them to your prayers.


Prayer doesn’t need a certain structure, length, or specific words.
Whatever words you use, long or short, however your prayer comes out is fine.


Prayer doesn’t need a special occasion.
There are certain prayers appropriate to special occasions but you don’t need to wait for a special time to pray.


Prayer doesn’t have to be a request.
It can also be used to give thanks for what you have already received. “Thank you,” is a perfect prayer.