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How does SJB know if a child needs extra help?

How does St John the Baptist know if a child needs extra help?


This is done through a variety of ways:

  • Progress of all children is closely monitored.
  • Regular cause for concern and pupil premium meetings are held with all staff and referrals can be made at any time.
  • Regular assessment is made to ensure all children are making the expected level of progress.
  • If your child is making little or no progress, despite teaching being focused on supporting their needs; is displaying behaviour or emotional difficulties, which prevent or hinder him/her accessing the curriculum; has speech or language difficulties or other physical or sensory difficulties, then concerns will be raised by the class teacher.


At St John’s, we have different assessments that we can use to support the identification of any difficulties. These include:

  • DEST - used with all Reception children to identify problems in reading so that we can support their needs early.
  • Language Link – all Reception children are screened to identify any weakness in understanding. This is repeated following a personalised intervention programme.
  • GL Screener for dyslexia- a short online test given to those children who are displaying signs of dyslexia or a general weakness in reading, spelling and organisation.
  • Dyslexia Portfolio - a more detailed assessment to specifically identify the areas of weakness.
  • GL Screener for dyscalculia – a short online test to assess problems in understanding number.
  • BOXALL – A means of understanding children’s difficulties with behaviour.