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Virtual School Tours


We have now been informed by HCC that all school information events need to be virtual and will therefore be available online on our website from the 1st November 2020.


There will be several resources for you to view and look at, which we hope will be informative. They can be found by following the link to the Video Resource Centre below. 


If you have any questions, following the virtual tour and information, please contact the school office on 01264 361806 or

Parish Map

Hampshire Admissions Link


Please apply online at

If you require help with the Hampshire County Council application process please call 

0300 55 1377



Privacy statement

Please be aware that the information you provide will be passed on to the Admissions Committee in order for us to follow our admissions arrangements, and be kept in school and as part of your child’s record in line with our retention schedule.                                                         

For more information about our school’s use of your child’s data please visit our 'About US' page for 'Data Protection'


Admission Appeals Timetable 

1.  Parents/carers will be notified by the local authority of the result of their application on  - 16th April 2021

2. Notification date for late applicants  - 26th April 2021.

3.  The deadline for parents lodging an appeal  - 17th May 2021.

4.  Appeal hearings will be held in the period - 7th June - 16th July 2021 (inclusive).

5.  Appellants will be given at least 10 school days' notice of the date and location of the appeal hearing.

6.  Appellants will be able to submit additional evidence to support their appeal up to 6 days before the hearing.  This will enable photocopying and circulation to all parties in advance of the hearing.

7.  Decision letters will be sent to parents/carers within five school days of the hearing.

8.  Appeals lodged after 17th May will be heard during the above dates if possible, or within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged. Appeals lodged on or after 15th June may not be heard until the Autumn term but no more than 30 school days after the appeal was lodged.

9. Following the lodging of an appeal, additional papers may be submitted to the Appeals Service until 23 calendar days before the hearing. Evidence admitted after this date will be considered by the panel but this may lead to an adjournment and significant delays.



Please contact the HCC Appeals service at:

or call Hantsdirect on 0300 555 1377