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What is Stormbreak?


Stormbreak's mission is to embed mentally healthy movement for every child, every day.


Stormbreak believes that;

  • Children are happier and healthier when they move more
  • Children and their trusted adults are happier and healthier when they interact together through movement
  • Movement improves children’s wellbeing and provides vital opportunities for them to develop emotional and physical life skills.


At the core of this, we try and reduce the stigma around mental health by enabling everyday conversations whilst engaging in movement. We aim to encourage children to talk openly about their own and others’ emotions with trusted adults and their peers and to explore how movement can shape and support their mental health now and in the future.


Stormbreak Website


How do we use Stormbreak at school?


Each class completes a Stormbreak at least three times a week. The concepts explored are chosen by the teacher or by the children because it catches their interest or because a need has been noticed in class or on the playground that day.  The most important aspect of completing a Stormbreak is the conversation.  The adults lead and model a conversation to explore mental health with a shared language whilst having fun at the same time. 


Resilience       Self-Care       Self-Worth       Relationships       Hope & Optimism

Can we access Stormbreak from home?




Simply follow this link:

Register for Stormbreaks

Relationships Animation

Relationships are the connections we have with the people around us that help us to feel special and safe.

Self-worth Animation

Self-Worth is how we feel about ourselves inside, knowing we are important, special and that we matter.

Self-care Animation

Self-care is looking after our mental and physical health, noticing our feelings and choosing ways to care for ourselves.

Resilience Animation

Resilience is about developing inner strength and courage and growing our ability to keep trying and 'bounce back' from difficult situations.

Hope and Optimism Animation

Hope & Optimism helps us to see that things can change and we can believe in our potential now and in the future.