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Snow and Ice Policy 2023 - 2026




“I will be careful what I do.” (Ps 39:1)


This policy has been approved and adopted by the Governing Body in September 2023 and will be reviewed in September 2026.




The School will undertake to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation with regard to the management of snow and icy conditions for all pupils and employees and to ensure best practice by extending the arrangements as far as is reasonably practicable to others who may also be affected by our activities.





As legislation is often amended and Regulations introduced, the references made in this Policy may be to legislation that has been superseded. For an up to date list of legislation applying to schools, please refer to the Department for Education website at and the Health and Safety Executive website


a.         Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.


b.         Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.




The Headteacher is responsible for taking appropriate measures, including the decision as to whether to close the school, in the event of snow and icy conditions.




In the event of snow and/or icy conditions a decision will need to be taken as to whether to open or close the school;


  • Snow during the day.

If there is heavy snow during the day, consideration should be given to allowing parents the option of collecting pupils early before conditions worsen.


  • Snow Overnight.     


Information is also available from HCC.

  • In the event of overnight snowfall then as far as possible the school will endeavour to make a decision by 7.30am as to whether to close the school. This will enable parents to be informed as soon as possible and avoid an unnecessary, and potentially dangerous trip to school.
  • The Headteacher will initiate the following actions contacting and delegating tasks to staff as required;


  1. Establish actual conditions in the school area by contacting the School Business Manager, Deputy Headteacher and staff living locally.
  2. If HCC has not already been in contact, contact HCC Emergency Planning Duty Officer and seek HCC guidance.
  3. Consult chair of governors or in his/her absence, the vice-chair or other governor.
  4. Try and establish how many staff consider that they will be able to travel to school to determine level of supervision available if the school is opened.
  5. By 7.30am endeavour to take the decision to close or open the school.
  6. If closing the school, HCC and school procedures should be followed to avoid confusion. The School Business Manager will inform HCC via closure procedures page on the intranet. Headteacher can also access the intranet should the School Business Manager be indisposed.


  • Marginal Conditions.        

If opening the school in marginal conditions consider;


  • Informing parents/staff by 7.30am, using the school website, that despite the weather conditions the school will open and that children should attend if the parents consider it is safe for them to travel to school.
  • The message on the home page of the school website should include the day and date that the school is open; do not use “today”.




If the school is closed or partially closed due to weather conditions or emergency this is the procedure to follow;


  1. By 6.30am the Headteacher will phone the SLT to discuss the weather conditions in Andover.
  2. Whenever possible, a decision made by 7.30am.
  3. The School Business Manager will put a message on the School phone, school website and inform Hants website.
  4. If the school remains open and the kitchen is not operating, parents will be advised to give packed lunches to their children.
  5. Email to staff by the Headteacher. If you do not get an email, the school is open.
  6. If you cannot get in to school, please follow the normal procedure to report your absence. (via phone to Headteacher, if not available contact Deputy Headteacher)




In the event that the headteacher has made the decision to close the school the following staff will be directly involved with advance measures;


  • Headteacher.  Will notify staff by email.
  • School Business Manager  Inform HCC using the agreed process. Email a message to all parents and update the school website.
  • Class Teachers Upload home learning assignments using Teams (Y4 – Y6) or Seesaw (YR – Y3)



It is an individual staff decision as to whether it is safe to travel in to school. Staff who cannot travel must notify the school as early as possible. Through the normal reporting procedure.


If there is only a skeleton staff available at school, staff who can get in will supervise the children. Staff who cannot get in will email the school office with work and update it throughout the day. All staff are aware of the procedure. We will evaluate the effectiveness as we do each school closure.




The school will maintain a stock of at least 4 bags of salt grit and snow shovels which are kept in the caretaker’s cupboard.


In icy conditions, the Headteacher will ensure that;  


  1. A decision is taken as to whether outside play is safe and amend daily routine accordingly. 
  2. Parents are advised to ensure children wear suitable footwear. 
  3.  Children are advised of potential dangers and given guidance as to appropriate behaviour.  This will include being aware of water on floors.
  4. When normal classroom entrances and exits are unavailable or unsafe due to snow/ice, KS2 pupils should enter though the Hall and KSI through the main KS1 door.
  5. Children should remove wet shoes and place them in designated areas outside each classroom. Children will wear their trainers which are kept in PE bags at the school.



The Headteacher is responsible for snow clearance at the beginning of each day.  The caretaker is responsible for maintaining the salt supply and clearing snow of contracted work days.


Clearance should concentrate on providing a clear, gritted walkway from the pedestrian gate, down the ramp and to the main KS1 entrance and KS2 doors.


The immediate area around fire exits should be cleared but if this is not possible, as a minimum, the immediate area should be gritted. Fire doors should be checked that they are able to be opened.


Cones should be used to warn of dangerous areas and as temporary barriers. These are kept in the PE cupboard.




Prior to any warnings of snow and ice conditions the School Business Manager will send an email to all parents advising them that information on school closure will be on;


  1. The school website  by 7.30 a.m., whenever possible. Other advice may include whether packed lunches may be required if the school kitchen cannot operate. Parents should check the website throughout the day for any updates.
  2. The school answerphone where a message on the school number (01264 361806) will be left by 7.30am whenever possible.
  3. Hantsweb   for information and updates.
  4. An email message by 7.30 a.m., whenever possible.  


Parents are to be advised that school meals are as normal unless otherwise stated on the website.


Prior to the Christmas holiday details will be sent to parents with the above information about school closures.