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How will the school involve me in my own child's education?

How will the school involve me in my own child’s education?


As previously stated, we aim to meet with the parents of all children with SEND termly to review targets and strategies for learning, adopting an Assess, Plan, Do, Review approach.

This may take the form of SEND Drop-in sessions, MSP meetings, telephone calls or emails with the SENCo.


As well as your child’s report, which are written every year, all parents also have access to

  • Parent consultations
  • Appointments with your child’s class teacher, made via the school office
  • Transition meetings


We also encourage parents into school to see how their children learn and what they are learning. This could be in the form of:

  • Information meetings for every class
  • Curriculum Workshops o Opportunities to join your child’s lesson
  • Open School (an opportunity for parents to visit their child’s classroom and see what they have been working on)
  • Open days


How will the school involve my child in their education?


  • Pupil conferencing with class teacher and SENCo.
  • Complete involvement in target setting and deciding upon the strategies to achieve those targets.
  • Where appropriate, children with an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP), Statement of Educational Needs or Inclusion Partnership Agreement (IPA) will contribute to their annual review and their thoughts are taken into consideration.


How will the school staff support my child?


Every lesson will be differentiated according to your child’s needs so that it is carefully matched to their learning style.

  • Multi-sensory learning opportunities are given.
  • Steps to success are used to ensure your child meets his/her goals in a particular lesson.
  • Highly trained and experienced teachers and Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) are employed who consistently deliver high quality impact teaching.
  • Your child will have a copy of their individual targets that they can write on in their own personal learning folder. This can be a great way for children to record their thoughts or notes for another lesson to help them. The teachers and LSAs will also make notes so that anybody working with that child will see how they are doing and how they can help them.
  • Depending on the needs of your child, sometimes he/she will work as a whole class, in a small group or on a one to one basis. These groups can either be in the classroom or in a quieter area of the school so that the target can be extremely focused. This may be teacher or LSA led.
  • We recognise that children with SEND may have challenging behaviour. We follow our behaviour policy to ensure the child receives the appropriate support and use effective strategies and resources to ensure the right choices are made.
  • Staff in our school have expertise in different areas and we use this expertise accordingly.