St John The Baptist Catholic Primary School "Together, through our words and actions, our work and play,We point towards Christ, each and every day"

Parent and Pupil Surveys

In the Spring Term 2022, the governors asked parents about their views on life here at St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School. 


105/163 surveys returned = 64%

(Last survey = 47% return rate)


The results can be seen below.

We are delighted that the feedback from our parents is overwhelmingly positive and that the majority of parents are happy with the provision at our school. 

Teachers do an amazing job! 


Fantastic school with amazing staff.  My son is very happy and enjoys coming to school.  He is progressing really well with his learning 


Thank you for your continued effort and hard work, even more appreciated under the current very challenging circumstances 


I don’t think its fair to say what you could do better at – we are in the middle of a pandemic and I feel as a school you have outdone yourself 


We are extremely happy with the school, the support they have provided and their ethos 


I am happy with my son and daughter’s progress in school 


We are very happy with St Johns and are pleased with how **** is progressing.  All staff go above and beyond to support students 


The staff at SJB are clearly passionate and this reflects into learning our children take part in 


A lovely school where my child feels at home and can continue to develop in all areas, including spiritually.  Just a pity that it will not continue for the high school years


I am very happy that my children are products of this school 


I have nothing to add.  I am very happy about this school.  No negative impressions 


I think that St John’s school is excellent and I am very happy that my daughter attends it.  


I think it is perfect as it is 

Cannot be better J 


I am happy that we chose this school and I would highly recommend this school to my friends and family. 


My child loves to come to school and has made brilliant bonds with both staff and children which is the most important aspect for us 

The school would be even better if... 


16% of respondents disagreed or did not know if their child had access to a range of clubs and activities at school.

  • The clubs offering has been limited by COVID restrictions and staffing capacity between March 2020 - February 2022
  • After-school clubs re-opened in Spring 2022 
  • The after-school club offering has been expanded for Summer 2022
  • Owls' after-school club has been advertised but limited take-up meant it is currently not financially viable.  The school will re-advertise in the future. 

7% of respondents disagreed or did not know whether the school makes parents aware of what their child will learn during the year.

  • Respondents requested further information about MFL (Modern Foreign Languages), music and PE teaching
  • Information about our curriculum can be found here: Key Information/Curriculum
  • Information about SOLO and expectations for each year group can be found here: Information for Parents
  • Our Music curriculum - Music
  • Our MFL curriculum - MFL
  • Our PE curriculum - PE Curriculum
  • We have resumed inviting parents into school to watch their child's PE and music performances and celebrate their progress.

16% of respondents disagreed or did not know if the school has high expectations for their child.

  • Although virtual parent consultations facilitated a higher attendance rate, they did not provide the opportunity for parents/carers to view their child's books. 
  • We have returned to face-to-face parent consultations for Spring 2022 so we can celebrate the children's books the work they display in the classroom and corridors

19% of respondents disagreed or did not know if the school supports their child's wider personal development.

Comments included a request for:

An increase in the after-school club offering

A wider variety of sporting activities and competitions

A return to Celebrating Mass with the Parish

  • During Spring 2022 we have returned to celebrating Mass with the parish but have also opened our doors again to small numbers of friends and family to join us for class and key stage liturgical prayer.  
  • During Autumn 21/Spring 22, we have organised friendly competitions with local schools although the frequency and reliability of these have been challenging as a result of ongoing pandemic complications. During Summer 22, town and county competitions are planned to return and we will be participating is as many as possible. 
  • Personal Development includes the provision of age-appropriate relationships, health and sex education.  Information about our RHSE programme can be found here: RHSE. This aspect of our curriculum was prioritised, alongside physical and mental health, when the children returned to on-site education in Summer 2021 and again at the beginning of the academic year 2021 - 2022.   RHSE also includes safety education using resources from Safe4Me, Anna Freud Centre, NSPCC, St John's Ambulance, Stormbreak and Thrive.
  • The children have opportunities to develop as responsible, respectful and active citizens who are able to play their part and become actively involved in public life as adults through: Form Captains, House Captains, Prefects, School Council, Playground Friends, Junior Road Safety Officers, Subject Ambassadors, Mini Vinnies and Buddies.
  • Personal Development includes the provision of opportunities for pupils’ to understand the fundamental British values of democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law and mutual respect and tolerance.  More information can be found here: British Values