St John The Baptist Catholic Primary School "Together, through our words and actions, our work and play,We point towards Christ, each and every day"


Online Payments


Dinners, school trips, after school clubs, Larks breakfast club, music lessons, book bags and equipment can be paid for via Tucasi, also known as Scopay.




Please make cheques payable to HCC. Thank you


Building Fund


The building fund donations can be paid by cheque to:

The Governing Body of St John the Baptist RC Primary School

or by standing order, referencing your child(ren)'s name and Year group. Please speak to the School Office for building fund bank details.

Thank you for you continued support.



What is an online link code?

A link code is a series of letters and numbers that uniquely identifies a child. The code can be used once to link a child to an online account - it cannot be re-used.

A link code can be found on the access letter given to you by the school office


How do I get an access letter?

Please contact School Office and we can provide a letter; it will be sent home. The letter includes the online link code and instructions on how to create an account.


I have two children attending school.  Can I pay for both children using one account?

Yes! You can have both children linked to your account by following these steps:

  • If you have not set up an account yet, create your account with first child's link code.
  • Log in, go to "Your Account", and select "Link Pupils". Use the second child's link code.


I have children at two different schools - can I still use on account?

If both schools use the Tucasi Online Payments system, then yes! You can do this using the two link codes given to you by each separate school (see FAQ point above).


My partner created an account for our child.  I tried to create an account using the same link code but it did not work.

For security, the link code on the letter cannot be used more than once. Please contact your child's school and ask them for a new letter and link code.


Can I change the email address that I used to sign up?

  • I know the email address I signed up with.

Log in with the password you specified.

If you have not verified your email address, a message will appear and you will be able to change your email address there.

If you have verified your email address, go to "Your Account", and select "Login Details" to change your email address.

  • I do not know the email address I signed up with.

    Please contact your child's school and ask them to unlink your child from the incorrect email address. You can then ask them for a new letter and link code.

    Re-register with your intended email address, and use the new link code.


The system won't accept my American Express card.

Most schools do not accept payment using an American Express card.